Notary Public Fees

Travel fees are a minimum rate of *$50 plus cost listed in below fee schedule. 


           Pennsylvania                                                           New Jersey

  • Executing Affidavits $5                                                Executing Affidavits $2.50
  • Executing Acknowledgments $5                                 Executing Acknowledgments $2.50
  • In Executing Acknowledgments $2                             In Executing Acknowledgments $2
    (each additional name)                                               (each additional name)
  • Executing Certificates $5                                            Executing Certificates $2.50
    (per certified copy)                                                      (per certified copy)
  • Administering Oaths $5                                               Administering Oaths $2.50
    (per individual taking an oath)                                     (per individual taking an oath)
  • Taking Depositions $3 (per page)                                Taking Depositions $2 (per page)
  • Executing Verifications $5                                            Executing Verifications $2.50


Fees are per act
(there can be multiple signers per document).

*$50 is quote for travel up to 20 miles. Travel fees are subject to change depending on location. Final quote will be given prior to appointment.